a better solution to a complex problem

Challenger’s Water Recycling and Purification Technology offers operators and the industry a better solution to the complex and growing problem associated with obtaining, reusing, disposing of and handling your water volumes. Challenger’s services are capable of being tailored and customized to provide solutions for each operator’s unique water challenges. The Challenger team understands the changing evolution of water quality between individual wells and geologic basins and offers the operator the opportunity to focus on production, while Challenger solves the operator’s associated H2O issues.

Consulting Services

Regarding site location and construction, unit placement and orientation

Delivery & Setup

Delivered to your site and configured for the specific project.


Onsite operational training

Recycle Operation

Commencement of recycle operations

Daily Processing

15,000+ bbls daily processing capacity per unit


24/7 real time remote water quality monitoring


Ongoing independent laboratory water quality testing


Removal and/or re-deployment to next operational site