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As explained by founder Clint Layman

Challenger offers true water recycling and purification technology to the Oil & Gas Operator and Potential:

  1. Reduced Operational Expenses
  2. Large Daily Water Volume Recycling Capacity
  3. Enhanced Production Results
  4. Real Time Data Analysis
  5. Mobile Operating Unit 
  6. Ability to meet differing water tolerances with consistent


Challenger’s chemical free water recycling technology avoids chemical corrosion and contamination issues and provides an economic solution to recycling and processing produced oil field wastewater to meet your specific water quality requirements. 

This is truly state of the art recycling technology and is not based upon blending chemicals into produced water or other lesser effective methods. Challenger’s recycling technology offers significant potential benefits including enhancing the results of fracture stimulation operations and potentially improving production performance, rates and volumes.

The results of Challenger’s water recycling and purification technology are confirmed and well documented by the exhaustive testing and analysis performed by (Collaborative Laboratories for Environmental Analysis and Remediation) at The University of Texas at Arlington. CLEAR’s independent testing and analysis of numerous contaminated oil field waste-water sources which were recycled by Challenger in the field and in real time: Results include:

  1. Documents removal of over 93% of all bacteria, suspended solids and turbidity elements. Although evaporation ponds are becoming an industry alternative to actual recycling operations, Challenger offers the operator a significantly better variety of recycling choices.  

Our technology can treat your water to the point that results in clean brine which can then be reused in fracking, drilling, and construction, where brine can be utilized to maximize profitability. We also recover skim oil which is returned to the operator for additional revenues, while offering the ability to create 10lb brine or engineered salinity for improved decline curves.  

In the State of Texas recycling water also provides a substantial risk mitigation since the recycled water is no longer considered waste under Texas law after the water has entered the recycling unit.


Challenger understands and invests in research & development and scientific data analysis to meet the evolving federal and state legislative policies, to enhance the utilization of recycled water for discharge and reuse. 

Our team of experts are continuously developing Challenger’s technology to adapt to many other uses that can provide economic solutions and be applied to surface mining, commercial agriculture industries, agricultural discharge, municipal waste water treatment and discharge, solar distillation technologies and increased downhole production well performance. 

It has been our experience that many of our competitors chemically treat their water but are not receiving the benefits of the available recycling technology. In addition, the performance of many of the recycling units that have been deployed to the field disappoint by being over promised and/or under delivered. Challenger’s recycling technology will not disappoint or under deliver.  We hope you will reach out and contact us at Challenger so we can schedule a meeting so you may learn more about our technologies and what Challenger can do to make your operations more cost efficient and productive with our best water treatment option available for your produced water.