About Us

Water Recycling and Purification Technology

Challenger Water Solutions provides a water recycling and purification service to the oil and gas industry, with the opportunity to significantly reduce their overall water lifecycle cost, This typically includes fresh water acquisition, transport and chemical additives, transport to the saltwater disposal wells and associated costs for disposal.

In addition, Challenger’s recycling technology produces water quality which can improve production performance and adds an operational component being good stewards of the environment. Challenger’s proprietary recycling operations offers the industry a true chemical free Water Recycling and Purification Technology which Challenger can employ to meet your specific water quality requirements and enhance the results of hydraulic fracturing and well stimulation operations.  

In addition to oil field operations, Challenger’s expert team continue to research and develop other water recycling and purification applications that can be applied to desalination, surface mining, commercial agriculture industries, agricultural discharge, municipal water treatment and reuse, solar distillation technologies and increased downhole production and well performance.

Using our developed remote data management technology, we offer real time data monitoring and using commercial grade sensors on the input and output of the water recycling solution can make adjustments as required.

Challenger Water Solution’s wholly own subsidiary, Biota Solutions is chartered with the novel treatment for highly resilient bacteria that are found in produced water using bacteriophages.

Challengers team is steep in entrepreneurial spirt and innovative, bringing years of experience on  developing or procuring technologies to solve the problems of tomorrow.