Challenger offers true water recycling and purification technology:

  1. Reduced Operational Expenses
  2. Large Daily Water Volume Recycling Capacity
  3. Enhanced Production Results
  4. Real Time Data Analysis
  5. Mobile Operating Unit 
  6. Ability to meet differing input water sources and clean water tolerances with consistency

Using the Oil and Gas Industry as an example, the water life-cycle typically includes the acquisition of fresh water, chemical additives, transport of produced water, salt water disposal cost, even lease and maintenance cost of roads are components of total water cost.

Challenger takes direct aim at reducing these costs through the efficient recycling of produced and flow back water.


About Challenger Water Solutions

What exactlymakes us different? 

Lowered Costs

In the Oil & Gas Industry, the total water life-cycle cost can range from 1.50 / Bbl to 3.00 Bbl. Let Challenger significantly reduced your cost. 

No Chemicals

Challenger’s water recycling solution does not use  chemicals as part of their ability to eliminate > 93% bacteria


Water composition can vary greatly from one frack site to another. Our technology can be configured to meet these varying water inputs while providing a consistent water tolerance based on your requirements


Challenger’s high through-put of 15,000 Bbl’s per day is critical to meet the excessive amount of produced water created from drilling.


Let's review some numbers

Our technology can treat your water to the point that results in only a salt byproduct which can then be sold for additional revenue from your evaporation ponds. This treated recycled water can be converted to an excellent quality brine with the addition of salt and also provides significant reduced costs in your waste disposal expenses.

15000 bbls
Total Daily Processing
Capacity Per Unit
93 %
Of Total
Suspended Solids Removed
harsh or unfriendly
Chemicals Are Used
95 %+
Of All
Bacteria Eliminated
24 /7
Real Time Monitoring


HOW  Challenger Works

Water purification steps

Challenger’s advanced filtration method recycles produced water on-site through the following steps

Oil &Waste Water Separation

 Ozone Pre-Treatment

Solids Filtration

Media Filtration

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